Design Review Commission



  •    2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
  •   6:00 p.m.
  •  Town Hall - 404 6th St.  Georgetown, CO

What is the Design Review Commission (DRC)?
The history and architecture of Georgetown are recognized as nationally significant in the preservation of American history by the 1966 designation of the Georgetown Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District. Georgetown’s residents believe that its historical heritage and resources should be protected and designs for alterations and new construction should be compatible with historic structures. Design Review Guidelines, administered by the Town-appointed DRC, are the primary regulatory tool the Town has chosen to protect its historical heritage and resources.

The Town of Georgetown requires that property owners or developers with any proposed exterior changes or new construction projects, such as exterior remodeling or rehabilitation, additions to existing buildings or construction of new buildings, obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). The COA must be obtained before they can secure a building permit. This requirement applies to construction projects regardless of where they are located in Georgetown. COAs are issued by the Design Review Commission if the proposed project is approved in the DRC’s design review process. The DRC relies upon the design guidelines when it reviews projects for “appropriateness” within the design context of Georgetown and its Character Areas. Design guidelines apply in addition to provisions in the zoning ordinance and building codes for construction of buildings, site work and signs.

Please look up which district the property is located in on the character map. This map is  on the left side bar. Next, check the design guidelines for that district. The books are on the left side bar and in the section below.
      Book 1 - General Guidelines
      Book 2 - Historic Design District
      Book 3 - Millsite, Meadow and Gateway Design District

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Certificate of Appropriateness (DRC ) Application1 document

  • COA application
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Design Guidelines brochure1 document

  • Design Guidelines brochure
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Pre-Approved Project list1 document

  • Pre-Approved Project list
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Design Guideline Books4 documents

  • Book 1
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  • Book 2
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  • Book 3
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  • Map of districts in Georgetown
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Rehabilitation Tax Credit Information3 documents

  • Rehabilitation Tax Credit Information
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  • Quick info on Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Residential properties
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  • Rehabilitation Tax Credit application
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