2nd & 4th Tues. 6pm

6 members plus Police Judge
Police Judge - 2 yr term, Selectmen - 4 yr term

Police Judge ex officio Mayor (4-23)
Lynette Kelsey

Ward I (4-25)
Dienne Powell-

Ward I (4-23)
Rob Connell-

Ward II (4-25) 
Jon Jennings-
Police Judge pro-tem

Ward II (4-23)
Dwayne Goscinski-

Ward III (4-23)
Mary Smith-

Ward III (4-23)
Richard Barrows -

Please note that it is inappropriate to personally contact individual Board or Commission members while an application is pending. Such contact is considered ex parte communication and will have to be disclosed as part of the public hearings on the matter. If you have any concerns, you should contact town staff, write a letter or present your concerns at the public meeting so your comments can be made part of the record. Also, note that if you use a representative to present your comments, it is more persuasive if you provide written authorization for that person to represent you.