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Building Services

Are you looking to do any major construction or renovation to a building in the Town of Georgetown? It is very likely you may need to obtain a certificate of appropriateness from the Design Review Commission and then obtain a building permit from the Town of Georgetown.

The Town of Georgetown contracts its building division services through SAFEbuilt.

About SAFEbuilt

Since 1992, SAFEbuilt has provided full-service building department programs, building code plan reviews, complete project support, building code inspections and code enforcement for cities, towns, counties and other public agencies. As of today, they work with more than 250 public communities. 

Building Permits are submitted and fees are paid to the Town of Georgetown.

Safebuilt will be in Georgetown on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and are available then for inspections when scheduled.
Requests for inspections must be made through the SAFEbuilt Inspection line at 303-450-8748 by 3 pm on Monday and Wednesday. Your request needs to include Permit number, Address, Contact Person and Inspection Type.

Please be aware that many projects will need to be reviewed by the Design Review Commission (DRC) prior to issuance of a building permit for a Certificate of Appropriateness. This is required since Georgetown is part of a National Historic Landmark District. Applications can be found on the left side of this page and need to be submitted to Town Hall at 404 6th St. 

If you need to talk with a Building Inspector, please call Dan Wester at 303-450-8814 / 

Below are building guides they will assist with some projects:

Building Guides

Electrical Inspections
Colorado State Electrical Department
Department of Regulatory Agencies
1390 Logan St. suite 400, Denver, CO  80203
For inspections, call Code "0" at 303-894-2318

Electrical License Contemporaneous Review Guidelines

Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria

Table R301.2 (1)


Roof Snow Load Wind Speed (mph) Seismic
Subject to Damage From Decay Winter Design Temp (Zone) Ice
Flood Hazard Air
Mean Annual Temp
Frost Line Depth Termite
75 psf' 100 B Severe 42 in. Slight
None to Slight 13 YES Per FEMA Flood Map >0-1000 45°F