Guidelines for COVID-19



Building Department - Town of Georgetown

1.  Permitting - All permits will still be required for day to day work. All permit forms can be found on this website.

  • But in the event of critical services that need to be completed before a permit can be pulled the permit may be completed after the work using the same forms.
  • We have an online portal as well as allowing permit to be submitted via email to accommodate the permitting process during this time. The email is
  • For non-critical work, we are asking that work be put on hold until it may be performed and inspected safely.

2. Inspections - The Building department will be doing inspections as requested by calling (303) 450-8748 by 4pm and the inspection will be completed the following business day.

  • Best practices require distancing from other people so when at the construction trailer must always be unoccupied or separation from the other occupants maintained  while the inspector is in the building.
  • While on the job site occupants, contractors and subs shall exit the area while the inspection is being performed, this usually isn’t a significant amount of time so it should not inconvenience the job to much
  • We will not be entering occupied private homes at this point unless it is for emergency service of some type or a real estate closing

 Should these practices not be maintained, or the contractor or occupant does not comply for some reason the inspection could be terminated or canceled altogether.

    • Our goal is to keep the projects moving however the safety of SAFEbuilt personnel will be foremost along with the contractors.

  Public Works  - 303-569-2555 ext. 2

 1.  Permitting - Permitting still needs to be completed but in the event of critical services the permit may be completed after the work. For non-critical services we would still request to the best of their ability to coordinate with the ROW desk to get permits prior to commencement of work.

 2.  Locates - Xcel is responsible for locating our services and that will not change due to the shutdown for critical or non-critical work. If Xcel  has a request from 811 it will be completed.

 Please confirm that we have provided the information needed, and if we can assist in any other way. 

Thank you and stay safe.